Superversive Literary Movement

Superversive Press- Hope is the New Genre

August 16, 2019 Ben Zwycky 0

This is what Superversive Press stands for, and what it has achieved so far. Be inspired, be uplifted, be entertained. Jason and many others from Superversive Press are looking forward to meeting you at DragonCon […]


Reading Rainbow Emperor Videos For the First Half of May

May 13, 2019 xewleer 0

Rather than Spamming Superversive SF with Quadrice weekly posts about videos I’m doing, I’m just going to make this every twice or so monthly. Reviews: Galaxy’s Edge: Retribution Phantastes Review Part 1 Phantastes […]


Message is the New Comedy

Recently, there was a quote going around about how late night shows no longer contained comedy, because comedians can’t get away with mocking anything anymore. Instead, they make political comments that agree with their audience’s […]