Marina Fontaine

Book Review: Hell Spawn by Declan Finn

May 28, 2019 Marina 0

Maybe it’s a result of too many Marvel  movies, but I view Hell Spawn, the first in Finn’s Saint Tommy, NYPD series, as essentially a superhero origin story. In the first action scene, Detective Tom […]

Marina Fontaine

DVD Review: Outland

April 6, 2019 Marina 0

Some time ago, I read an article by a publisher of a sci-fi review magazine where he offered the following test to determine if a story qualifies as proper science fiction: Can the story take […]

Marina Fontaine

Kilt Blowing: A Play in Three Parts

October 9, 2018 Marina 0

While attending DragonCon this year, I decided to check out a kilt blowing event. Being, well, myself, about half way through I realized this topic would be great blogging fodder. Thus, here goes my semi-serious […]

Marina Fontaine

A Not-Quite Movie Review: The Meg

August 20, 2018 Marina 0

I fully intended to write a real review for this one. But then I thought: who am I kidding? What could I possibly tell you about the movie that you can’t get from the trailer? […]

Marina Fontaine

To Be Men: Stories Celebrating Masculinity

June 6, 2018 Marina 1

As most anthologies, this one started with an idea, or more precisely in this case, some “what if” thinking. With endless submission calls for stories written by [insert an identity group of your choice], one […]

Marina Fontaine

On Memories and Barbecues

May 28, 2018 Marina 0

Today is Memorial Day, and our social media feeds are filled with photos, memes and articles honoring the fallen soldiers. These are proper and valuable, especially in these days where even on a holiday weekend […]

Marina Fontaine

Dear Children, We Have Failed You.

April 1, 2018 Marina 0

A common theme surrounding the current hysterical calls for gun control is that adults have failed, and it’s time for the children to come up with the solutions. Never mind that only about 10% of […]