Jon Del Arroz

Why Representation Doesn’t Matter

January 21, 2021 jdelarroz 0

Star Trek: Picard had an annoying scene tacked onto the end of it where Seven of Nine stroked hands with another woman in a suggestive way. There was no build up to this, the characters […]

Jon Del Arroz

Picard Is The Star Trek Of Our Times

January 20, 2021 jdelarroz 0

It seems so distant now, Gene Roddenberry’s vision of all kinds of people working together, exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations. He had a dream where conflict was resolved, mostly […]

Jon Del Arroz

They’d Cancel Martin Luther King

January 18, 2021 jdelarroz 0

We have a day named after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., which is today. But let’s be honest, every SJW out there these days would cancel him based on this statement alone: “I look to […]