Castalia House

The Last Closet: A Reaction

December 19, 2017 xewleer 1

Do buy it. Link here After I read this sordid history concerning the life and times of Walter Breen and Marion Zimmer Bradley through the abused eyes of their daughter, Moira, I spent time in […]

Castalia House

The Beginnings of Pulp

September 8, 2017 Anthony M 1

And a reminder that modern attitudes towards the pulps are certainly not new. This one is for the Castalia crowd. Here is the estimable Mr. Tom Simon, in part 4 of his essay series “The […]

Castalia House

Superversive vs. PulpRev

August 1, 2017 Brian Niemeier 2

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting a few of my readers for dinner and lively conversation. We talked for hours on a wide range of subjects, which as you’d expect of SFF […]

Castalia House

Corroding Empire: Amazon’s Civil War

March 22, 2017 Brian Niemeier 4

The controversy over The Corroding Empire just gets stranger and stranger. Amazon KDP has given Castalia House’s new science fiction parody more green and red lights than a drag racing track. First it was thought that […]