April freeman

Comparing Pete’s Dragon

May 7, 2020 A. M. Freeman 0

the 2016 Pete’s Dragon compared to the 1977 Pete’s Dragon… Can they even compare? They are sooooo different from each other.   2016’s Pete’s Dragon seemed like a typical movie made for a young audience. […]

April freeman

My 2020 Vision!

January 12, 2020 A. M. Freeman 0

2020, the close of a decade. Where to even start? 2010 seems not so long ago. Yet I’ve grown from an ambitious, skinny pre-teen, who’s main focus was dancing, my horses, and a growing desire […]

April freeman

Joker – movie review

October 30, 2019 A. M. Freeman 0

Superversive rating: Negative -5/5 Story rating: 5/5 One word: Unnerving Short Thoughts: The Joker is a grim showing of a man descending into madness. It’s an uncomfortable movie to watch, although I found it also […]

April freeman

Crazy Rich Asians – movie review

September 25, 2019 A. M. Freeman 0

Story Rating: 3/5 Superversive Rating: 0/5 In One Word: Matriarchy Short Thoughts: Just because Crazy Rich Asians has an Asian cast, doesn’t mean this romantic comedy escapes all the usual tropes. It’s fun enough if […]

April freeman

The Head Hunter – movie review

September 11, 2019 A. M. Freeman 0

Story Rating: 5/5 Superversive Rating: 0/5 In One Word: Frustrating Short Thoughts: I haven’t watched much in the horror genre, so I really didn’t like the twist at the end, or the character not listening […]

April freeman

Early Man – movie review

September 4, 2019 A. M. Freeman 0

Story Rating:3/4 Superversive Rating: 4/5 In One Word: Nonseasonal Short Thoughts: A perfectly passable children’s movie. It’s somewhat simple story, straight forwards, and pacing seems a bit fast. It’s nothing near the excellently crafted Chicken […]