It Came Through the Attic

July 30, 2021 Brian Niemeier 0

A Kairos OG brings us the return of high strangeness in what may be the installment most likely to elicit a cautionary glance over your shoulder.  Just before the 2016 election, I moved into a […]


Weaponizing Art

July 29, 2021 Brian Niemeier 0

The return of #BrandZero has dissident creatives asking how they can use their art to counter the prevailing narrative. Taking the Death Cult-profaned entertainment industry back looks like a nonstarter since Hollywood is quickly falling […]


Ignore the Skinsuits

July 27, 2021 Brian Niemeier 0

A major hurdle to understanding our new era that most people struggle to surmount is the shift from an economic frame to a moral frame. Everyone currently living in the West was raised under a […]


Master and Commander

July 26, 2021 Brian Niemeier 0

As Hollywood progressively loses touch with its audience, finding a genuinely entertaining, non-propagandizing movie made after 1997 is a rare treasure indeed. One such overlooked gem graced theaters in 2003 to critical acclaim but disappointing […]


The Post-Pop Cult Age

July 23, 2021 Brian Niemeier 0

Almost everyone reading this grew up under a largely monolithic American pop culture. Whether it’s Baby Boomers’ love of the Beatles or the multigenerational Star Wars fandom that originated with Gen X, anyone who came […]


God and Evil

July 21, 2021 Brian Niemeier 0

The central tenet of atheism is allegedly an absence of belief that God exists. But if you listen to atheists long enough, you come to realize they never argue against God’s existence. When you examine […]


The Tarantino Riddle

July 20, 2021 Brian Niemeier 0

If you’re a member of Generation X or Gen Y, chances are the films of Quentin Tarantino affected how you interact with pop culture to this day. His status as the last man standing of […]


A Major White Pill

July 19, 2021 Brian Niemeier 0

Long-suffering, non-heterodox Catholics who strive to practice the faith in spirit and truth with firmness of heart received a major white pill over the weekend: On Saturday, pro-abortion state Sen. Joseph Cervantes (D-Las Cruces) wrote […]


Where Christ is King and Mary Queen

July 15, 2021 Brian Niemeier 0

The EU perfectly illustrates yesterday’s post on the religious conflict shaking the West in their lawsuit against Poland and Hungary. The European Commission (EC) has announced it is commencing legal procedures against Hungary and Poland […]


The New Religion

July 14, 2021 Brian Niemeier 0

The realization that our supposedly secular rulers have imposed a tyrannical new religion on the masses has begun to go mainstream. The past 50 years or so have seen a cultural revolution in western society […]