Superversive Literary Movement

Superversive Press- Hope is the New Genre

August 16, 2019 Ben Zwycky 0

This is what Superversive Press stands for, and what it has achieved so far. Be inspired, be uplifted, be entertained. Jason and many others from Superversive Press are looking forward to meeting you at DragonCon […]


The City of Brass and Judgement in Moscow

May 14, 2019 Ben Zwycky 0

I recently reappeared on Zaklog the Great’s Book Club, to discuss Rudyard Kipling’s prophetic poem about the horrors of socialism, “The City of Brass”, which was written decades before the Soviet revolution in Russia and […]

Superversive Verse

More Than Just My Best Friend

May 1, 2019 Ben Zwycky 0

Today is the anniversary of the first time I contacted my wife. Here is this years’ poem: More Than Just My Best Friend You’re more than just my best friend, the bond that we both […]


He is Risen

April 21, 2019 Ben Zwycky 0

On this most superversive of days, When darkness was swallowed up by light, When death was overpowered by life, When despair was torn asunder by dazzling hope, When guilt was washed away by innocence, And […]

Superversive Verse

A Call Upon the Spirit

December 31, 2018 Ben Zwycky 0

As the new year approaches, I am posting my entry to this year’s contest of the Society of Classical Poets, on their chosen themes of an open letter to the Library of Congress to restore […]

Superversive Verse

Who else would dare?

September 8, 2018 Ben Zwycky 0

Today is my wedding anniversary, here is this year’s poem: Who else would dare to join with me, With all my flaws and fears? Who else has set my heart so free To love you […]