In recent news that’s starting to sound all-too familiar, Wells Fargo banned 2020 GOP senate candidate Lauren Witzke from banking with them. For no other crime than being an outspoken Christian conservative, the bank stole $15,000 of her money and left her stranded out of state.

Witzke got off easy compared to Andy Ngo. That reporter narrowly escaped an attempt on his life by a howling Antifa mob.

The message from our rulers couldn’t be clearer: If you preach Christian doctrine in the public square or ask too many questions about the megacorps’ shock troops, you’ll be declared an outlaw.

This dystopian state of affairs is what Christians and conservatives long warned would happen if the Left seized total power. As a cult defined by their underdog status in a doomsday struggle against the Man, becoming the Man has plunged the Left into a paranoid mania. The full force of the corporatist state could lash out at anyone anytime for any or no reason.

Conservatives and Christians bear no small amount of the blame, though. Witzke and Ngo illustrate why. Their response to being impoverished and nearly killed was raising a fuss on social media. Whining has been the first and last strategy of the Death Cult’s opposition for decades. Meanwhile, the enemy plays for keeps. It’s no wonder we’re in this mess.

The Right has got to get over its irrational aversion to legally and peacefully fighting back dirty. As the Z Man has repeatedly said, using lawfare against the Left would bear far more fruit than complaining. Much of that fruit wouldn’t even require a court victory to pluck. Ngo suing Antifa, for example, could part the veil and reveal who’s funding them. It’s likely that the money men would cut off support in the face of direct lawfare. The Cult’s street enforcers would be financially crippled overnight.

Prospects for a class action suit against financial institutions guilty of debanking their religious and political enemies are just as good if not better. Federal court precedent requires only the appearance of collusion for discrimination suits to succeed. That’s why companies lose to diverse former employees despite a lack of hard evidence.

Instead of raising six figures for their enemies’ families, Conservative influencers should start a legal fund to help cancellation victims wage lawfare against the Death Cult. At worst, the legal process would reveal exactly who’s leaning on these firms and ID the whip hand driving cancel culture.

Cue the doomers who’ll pop up to say it can’t be done. The Left controls the courts, and dissidents can’t expect a fair shake.

While that assessment is true in federal, and probably state, criminal court, civil court is another matter. Not only can the Death Cult be beaten in court, they have suffered defeat, most recently at the hands of best selling author Jon Del Arroz.

Jon was gracious enough to have me on his stream to celebrate his legal win over Worldcon. Not only did he get a modest settlement and an apology, he effectively beggared the defendants who libeled him.

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