A Divine Hand

Looking at the following charts in light of salvation history, it’s hard not to see a divine hand in the West’s onrushing demographic winter.

Theistic Orientation 2


Population Projections

Not only are atheists already a tiny minority, their ranks overwhelmingly consist of white men, whose numbers are steadily dwindling relative to the overall population.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Church remains the world’s largest and enjoys continued global growth. A century ago, Catholics were 17% of the world’s population and represented 48% of all Christians. Despite explosive global population growth, by 2010 the percentage of Catholics relative to the world population had only slipped by 1 percentage point, and they’d increased their share of global Christendom to 50%.

Fedora tippers’ and pagan LARPers’ reports of the Church’s demise are greatly exaggerated. They’re also Death Cult-tier projection.

If there’s any consolation to be found in the browning of America, it’s that it’s also the de-atheisting of America. And our smrt atheist friends have no one but themselves to blame:

Vote by religion

It’s an old story. A people turn their backs on God, and He raises up their enemies to chastise them. The solution is simple, but sin makes you stupid.

Europeans conquered Aztecs who performed industrial-scale human sacrifice; now the tables have turned as Europeans who perform industrial-scale human sacrifice are conquered by Aztecs.

I’m sure the fedora tippers will have great success plying the new majority with flying spaghetti monster memes.

Then again, they wouldn’t have to if Christians weren’t the better Darwinists.

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