The Power of Why

We don’t know what pastors and catechists of the last several decades expected when they let parochial schools lapse into public schools with crosses. Hopefully they didn’t intend to leave three generations in a state of de facto heathenry. Whatever their intentions, that was the result.

Replacing older generations whose Christian faith sustained Western civilization with people whose only concept of the Church comes from Netflix has had dramatic effects–some foreseeable, others unexpected.

Contra the rapidly dwindling ranks of atheists, humans need to believe in something. Combined with that perennial truth, it’s easy to see how the dereliction of Christian formation swelled the ranks of the Leftist Death Cult. The analogous problem on the Right didn’t become clear until more recently. It was the Cult’s ascent that’s brought to light a small but raucous contingent of right-wing dissidents who oppose the Cult, but not on religious or moral grounds. On the contrary, their only reason for opposing the Cult boils down to a desire to indulge their vices free of official interference. The Cult is in charge now, so these heathen sensualists oppose it as the main obstacle between them and the unrestricted enjoyment of their creature comforts.

That’s the reason for the right-wing heathen’s intellectual schizophrenia. He’ll grant that the West was Christian, since that’s an indisputable historic datum; he’ll even concede that abandoning the faith left a vacuum which the Death Cult filled. But he’ll twist himself into a pretzel to avoid the conclusion that returning to Christ is necessary to restore the West.

Living the Christian faith means giving up your vices. It also entails self-sacrifice. The heathen right-winger knows at least this much about Christianity, that’s why he craves the benefits of living in a Christian society while fighting tooth and nail against the obligations of living in one.

It’s also why heathen dissent has racked up an impressive list of failures in its rather short run and is doomed to repeat them. Like Conservatism before it, wignat-ism cannot explain why it seeks its stated ends. Conservatism operated wholly within the Liberal paradigm but defined itself by opposition to certain Liberal programs. When asked why, for instance, displaying the Ten Commandments in federal courthouses was protected under the First Amendment but erecting Satanic statues in state capitols wasn’t, they were reduced to arbitrary muttering. People rightly saw that Conservatism was internally inconsistent and incoherent. It had no compelling ‘why’. The best Conservatives could do was appeal to economics, but fiscal arguments assume a more or less functional society. They are useless in the face of fanatics hell bent on tearing society down.

Those fanatics, on the other hand, have a definite and compelling ‘why’. Theirs is a hostile and expansionist cult which locates the source of all suffering in the sins of white people. If the evil can be rooted out at the source, they conclude, all misery and injustice will end forever, and we shall have utopia at last!

Insane? Yes. Horrifying? Yes. Compelling? Yes.

So compelling that the government is on stage 3, and the media on stage 6, of the Ten Stages of Genocide.

Showing up to a holy war without a religion ensures defeat before the enemy is even engaged. Again, wignats should take the object lesson of Conservatism on this front.

It’s not like the Death Cult makes a secret of what it considers the only religious threat to its hegemony. That’s why its shock troops targeted statues of saints, and its water carriers in government used the lockdowns to cancel Mass.

The phenomenon of a formerly Christian civilization falling to the Death Cult does not militate against a return to the Church. Right-wing heathens who argue against Christianity on this basis betray their ignorance of basic Christian teaching. Not only does the fact that individuals and whole peoples have turned their backs on Christ not damage Christian doctrine in the slightest, only Christian doctrine can satisfactorily explain why once-Christian peoples could abandon the faith. Mankind’s radical freedom to accept or reject God stands at the heart of Christian moral theology. It is precisely that freedom which makes true faith and true love possible.

Those who demand guarantees of the end of history are just as utopian as the Death Cult. They’re sure that adopting the right set of ideas will turn society into a permanent amusement park where they can pursue their preferences forever. Even less realistically, they’re convinced that restoring pre-1965 demographics alone will establish an eternal state where everyone always has the right ideas.

What the wignats have always missed is that the exact same critiques they level at the Church even more conclusively disprove the sole sufficiency of an ethnostate. The US was more than 80% Christian before the Death Cult took over. It was also more than 80% white. To claim that these statistics disqualify the former but not the latter is to be guilty of an unprincipled exception.

Like all utopians, wignats ignore the doctrine of the Fall–a Christian dogma that even Sartre accepted because it’s so self-evident. The same teaching explains why all efforts to build a permanent, stable society have failed and why all such future attempts will fail.

But the complementary and opposite dogma, that Christ came to save man from sin through His Cross and Resurrection, also offers reliable hope that not even the triumph of the Death Cult can defeat Christ’s people, for we have a God who has defeated death.


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