Mann Hunt

May 12, 2021 Brian Niemeier 0

An FBI agent racing against time to catch a grisly serial killer before he strikes again seeks help from an even more cunning and brutal killer who plays mind games with his interviewer from behind […]


Arktoons After Two Weeks

May 12, 2021 Frank Luke 0

Arkhaven’s comic initiative, Arktoons, has been rolling for two full weeks. They now have thirty free-to-read comics every week. Being of the school of thought that artists should be paid for their work, I encourage […]

Celt Can Cook

Chicken Sammich Trailer #shorts

May 12, 2021 sciphi 0

Yeah, that’s right; Ima make a Chicken Sammich, and it’s gonna be the best thing you’ve ever eaten. …I hope. Powered by WPeMatico


Ideas Are Cheap

May 11, 2021 Brian Niemeier 0

“I’ve got a great story idea. You write it, and we’ll split the profits 50/50!” If you’re a working writer, chances are you’ve been approached with an offer like this. Usually it’s an earnest and […]


Money Isn’t Real

May 10, 2021 Brian Niemeier 0

“Money isn’t real.” That’s the advice Fred Jung, played by Ray Liotta, gives his son George in the 2001 crime drama biopic Blow. Though more workmanlike than visionary in its execution and more of a […]