The Other Amazon

Amazon Diablo II

Original Diablo developer Mark Kern calls out Blizzard’s woke revisionism in Diablo II: Resurrected.

Kern 1

Kern 2

Mark is better qualified to take Blizzard to task than most, being a pre-Ground Zero game dev from the days when developers made games for players, not for themselves.
Author Adam Lane Smith sums up Blizzard’s aesthetic malpractice in one picture that speaks a thousand words.
Adam Smith Caesar
Caesar and the Amazon: separated at birth?

The evidence speaks for itself. AAA game studios no longer put serving their customers first. They haven’t for a long time.

Instead, they serve the precepts of an inhuman cult that hates beauty – especially feminine beauty.
Playing Diablo II: Resurrected is tantamount to participating in a humiliation ritual. Don’t give Blizzard the satisfaction.
Best-selling author Nick Cole offers firsthand testimony from AAA’s fellow travelers in Hollywood.
White Christian Trash

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