The Great Bookshelf Hunt

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Superversive SF announces their Great Bookshelf Hunt of 2021.

So here’s the drill: Write in the comments the name of any work that came out in 2020 that you enjoyed. Then, read our list. If you see works on the list that you didn’t think of but that you have read and enjoyed, put the title of those works into a comment, too.

List anything you enjoyed that fits one of the categories. You can say why you liked it if you wish. Please list the title and, if you know it, the author’s name. Finally, please share this list around! Urge others to comment. The more people participate, the more chance we will all be able to find a hidden gem on the list!

The final list will be compiled such that the works with the most recommendations will go at the top. This is not like a nomination form. You may list as many works as you wish, but please make sure that they are works you truly enjoyed.
Please list your selections in the comments on Superversive SF’s original post.

It’s an honor to see Combat Frame XSeed: S on the suggested list. My goal with CFXS has always been to make a positive cultural impact on an underserved market, and every sign indicates that we’re succeeding. 

A major indicator that augurs well for XSeed is the smashing success of our crowdfunders. Combat Frame XSeed: SS became our fastest-funding campaign on day one, and now it’s just 4% away from overtaking XSeed: S as our biggest yet.

As of this writing, XSeed: SS has just 16 hours left on Indiegogo. Help make mech history, choose from our vast selection of sweet perks, and unlock the revolutionary new Print-a-Mech perk.

Don’t miss out! Back it now:

Combat Frame XSeed: SS - Brian Niemeier

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