Full-Speed Ahead!

Sometimes I don’t remember just how much I put into these stories until I start explaining and going over them on a livestream or video.

Flying Sparks has so much depth to it, which is why it’s so well-loved. From the foils I set up as supporting characters, to the new villain in volume 4 specifically chosen in powers to thwart Johnny and Chloe, there’s a ton of care gone into these scripts and into the final product.

We got the kickstarter all approved yesterday and ready to go with a link you can click here to get notified for updates.

I am tentatively going to launch the book on August 31st, though we’ll see how it goes timing wise cuz there’s a lot going on right now.

Regardless, this is going to be one fun adventure. I’m proud of how this story has built and I hope you’ll join us on this ride.

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