The Best Way To Cook Steak (When You’re a Skinflint, Without a Grill)!!!

The Best Way To Cook Steak (When You're a Skinflint, Without a Grill)!!!

Ooooh, this is a good one. Alright. I’ve been watching other YouTube channels to steal inspiration, and I found some good ones on steaks! Specifically, I found a great method for cooking a steak when you don’t have any fancy equipment (like a grill or “Sous vide” machine).

All you need is a wire rack a pan, and a skillet, and you’ve got all the cooking equipment you need! (and, really, you can figure out a way to do without the wire rack or pan). I’ll be honest, this first experiment was almost an accident in how perfect it turned out, but successive trials have given me a decent idea of times and temperatures.

Special thanks to our Producer, Dr. Roberts, and all music credits came from the free YouTube library, and apparently don’t require additional credit. Yeet!

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