I should take a little time….

To tell you what’s happening in August!

One, I’m pleased to announce I’m dipping my toes into publishing. Not just my own books this time, but one by a fellow that goes by Sixth Scale Combat. We’re going to have a really off the wall, trippy comic about a Vietnam War vet called The Napalm Brothers #1, which you’ll totally love. This will be out in the next couple of weeks.

Next, Flying Sparks Volume 4 will finally be coming to Kicksarter. I think again you’ll be extremely pleased with how much I’ve grown as a writer and Jethro’s grown as an artist in this volume. Extremely proud of this, it’s probably my best comic work. We’re waiting on the covers to get done for the time being. Here’s a preview:

And finally, The Stars Asunder, the LONG AWAITED sequel to The Stars Entwined is coming out. I recommend reading The Stars Entwined now because you’ll want to be on this hard-hitting sci-fi. Also some of my best work.

We’re crushing it on every level and will continue to do so thanks to your support.

Thanks all! Let me know what you’re most excited for!

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