Pulp Mindset

The Pulp Mindset: J.D. Cowan

Author JD Cowan returns with a practical guide to navigating the sometimes stormy waters of NewPub at pulp speed!

From the Amazon product description:

Out with the Old, in with the NewPub

Nobody reads anymore. In an age where audiences consume more art than ever before, books have remained irrelevant to the ever-changing West. Nothing seems to change this unavoidable reality. The industry is over.

Or is it?

A new frontier has opened where anything goes! We live in a pulp landscape now, a place where the past and present comes together to create a better future. In this book you will learn just what this NewPub world is, how to adapt to it, and change the way you think about everything.

The Rules Have Changed!

You can do anything! The Pulp Mindset will help you adapt to this crazy climate and become the best artist you can be. Read on and join the revolution!

What readers said:

What The Pulp Mindset is about is: what do we do going forward? I say we, even though I am not a writer of fiction, which seems to be the primary intended audience, because I am broadly in support of Cowan’s mission to add more escapism and fun into fiction. Cowan’s prescription for doing so is to write more like authors from the Pulp Era: fast-paced action, good guys and bad guys, and above all entertain the reader.

-Benjamin Espen

The publishing landscape is changing so quickly, it can be hard to keep up–especially if you’re an aspiring author. In this book, JD highlights perennial writing rules that have won universal appreciation from readers.

Learn the rules. Master the game. Read The Pulp Mindset now!

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