Is SFWA Rigging Their Elections To Keep Certain People In Control?

Author Lou Antonelli is running for a SFWA board position, and as he’s looking into the process, he discovered SFWA runs their elections all through a survey site called survey monkey — where a couple of people have access to its results.

I run my author surveys through this site to see what my audience wants me to write, and there’s no safeguards involved. I could just vote myself twenty times and no one could be the wiser.

It would make sense if something like this is happening in SFWA as it’s odd the decisions that get made (and the awards that get won). It calls into question whether they would even allow votes for people like Mr. Antonelli to be tallied properly, or if they go in and simply hit buttons for others to drive numbers up.

The same could be happening for their awards like the Nebulas. There was a large group of good authors who were nominated last year, who were completely shut out by the club (and name-called and worse by the folk in charge of SFWA), who had some of the most popular books on Amazon last year and more. It didn’t make sense that they received nothing when their works are so universally hailed.

SFWA needs to make their process more transparent so the people can see how these votes are tallied and if there’s any possibility of shenanigans. It’s hard to trust much of the current leadership involved, as they’re known for being dishonest pedophile advocates.

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