Endorsing Lou Antonelli For SFWA Board

It’s come to my attention that the group of pedophile supporters formerly a science fiction professional organization is having an election for their board.

The best part of all of this is their organization has become such a shit show under Mary Robinette’s nonsense — they didn’t have enough people filing for the elections to fill the positions. It’s hilarious. No one wants to take responsibility for the decline of what once was a prestigious honor, what once had meaning of being a professional, and now comes down to a club of folk who golf clap for kiddie diddling deviancy and shame victims of pedophilia within sci-fi.

They’ve had to resort to asking people to write in names in order to fill the positions (what does a SFWA board even do? It’s apparent they don’t help any writers in any capacity).

What’s interesting is one good man actually put in for the position — Lou Antonelli. He might be a glutton for punishment, because his mere announcement — as a MEMBER of SFWA — has caused other folk to viciously lash out at him on social media. Saying horrible, defamatory things to try to tarnish his reputation.

This is spurred by extremist Jim C. Hines — who has a long history of harassing and trolling conservative and libertarian authors. When an author like such gets into any position of notice within the mainstream industry, no matter how small, Hines makes sure to spend his days going all out to libel and harm the person in question. He’s severely mentally ill at best — and yet SFWA not only allows this behavior, but apparently condones it as he’s still an active member after all of these horrible things he’s done to other authors.

For a group called ‘science fiction writers of america’, they sure seem more about attacking their own members than doing anything for writers. Last year, several great writers who were also members were nominated for their awards, and SFWA’s board and prominent members ran a smear campaign against those members — including trying to attack a revered veteran and incredible writer Jonathan Brazee.

The organization has fallen so badly, no one respects it at this juncture.

Perhaps we can get a miracle with Lou Antonelli, however, and he can get in and enact some change and make the group great again, make it something which is writer-focused, not child-porn focused. Lou’s an amazing writer, he’s had his head in the game and in markets for decades, and has run a small business himself.

If SFWA wants to survive at all as an author’s guild, members should write in Lou Antonelli for board.

It takes a strong man to take a strong stand in these troubled times. Which is the lesson of Justified: Saga of the NanoTemplar. It’s the science fiction with great morals and heroes which has been lacking for a long time. Start your adventure today and read. Deus vult!

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