Wasting a Crisis

March 31, 2020 Brian Niemeier 0

It’s taken for granted that Millennials are among the most left-leaning generations. Those who subscribe to Fourth Turning theory ascribe this leftward bent to a Hero generation coming of age during a time of unprecedented […]


Review: in Death’s Shadow

March 31, 2020 Declan Finn 0

This is one of those books this is one of those books where I cannot tell you how it came into my consciousness. For all I know, Kal could have mentioned asking for reviewers in […]

Jon Del Arroz

SFWA And Chuck Wendig Attack Disabled Readers

March 30, 2020 jdelarroz 0

It’s unbelievable how dishonest and destructive SFWA is as an organization toward both readers and authors alike. Over the years, we’ve detailed on the blog their lack of standards for entry to the organization, their […]


Mad at a Library

March 30, 2020 Brian Niemeier 0

The Internet Archive’s announcement of a National Emergency Library to give students access to reading material during the quarantine has run afoul of a certain Witch. Courtesy of @Dataracer117 on Twitter: Not a good look–especially […]