Witchfinder Z

Wherein the Z Man finds the witches who are driving the Death Cult:

In the case of impeachment, it is an outgrowth of the “resistance” movement that started on-line immediately after the 2016 election. This was launched initially on Twitter by the sorts of women that have become a feature of modern life. These are the bitter, childless types, who have reached middle years without having fulfilled their purpose as women, so they are in a perpetual state of rage. Some are crazy for other reasons, but these female rage heads are a stock character now.

The word “resist” is an important clue. When one is on attack, resist is not the word you use to describe your efforts. The word “resist” is always used in the context of defending something from an aggressor. That’s how they came to view the 2016 election. It was an assault on their ideological worldview. Since their sense of self is deeply entangled with that worldview, 2016 was felt like an assault on their person. They feel that they are resisting an intrusion into their most personal of space.

It is this sense of being a victim, that their person has been violated by Trump, that is behind the impeachment rage. These people look at Trump entering Washington in the same way they view a rapist violating them. Since there is no way to make it whole, they can never forgive the violation. Their vengeance is perfectly justified, as they are infinity aggrieved. Trump entered into a zone they view as exclusively theirs, as if he violated their personal space, so he must be resisted at all costs.

Something similar has been happening with social media. The first social media platforms were message boards and comment sections on sites. The first heavy handed moderation happened on the left-wing sites like Daily Kos, which was popular in the Bush years. Anything that deviated from official dogma was removed and the poster was banned. That was their space and you dirty right-wing extremists had no right to enter their space with your filthy racist ideas.

The Democrat Party is not motivated by ideology. The Big Tech oligarchs are not motivated by profit. Both are part of the same insular cult enforcing in group vs. out group preference.

Ed Dutton … gave a great speech in Oslo … comparing them to witches. He’s an eccentric guy, but there’s some very serious points he’s making. It’s important to understand that there’s a sexual component to this. We have a lot of crazy women who are causing a lot of damage.

The Left these days is a very feminine thing It’s a lot of middle-aged women who have completely lost their damn minds causing all kinds of mayhem. And it’s not just chaotic mayhem, either. There’s a method to it.

Here’s the video. The witch discussion starts at the 25:00 mark.

It’s encouraging to see someone as thoughtful and erudite as the Z Man reaching the same conclusions as those who frequent this blog. When even atheists see witchery afoot, we’d do well to ready the cucking stools.

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