Sprinting is Not Running

I have discovered a way to increase my writing productivity by 400% or more.

I’ll admit, it doesn’t work for everyone. Some people are just naturally focused (the jerks) and can speed right along without any outward motivators.

I’m not like that. I get distracted far too easily by the gazillion things I have to do. So outside motivators are a huge plus for me.

Years ago, when I finished my first novel, I belonged to a group called Marathon Writers (I think this was pre-Facebook). Each weekend we’d get together and write for timed segments and then post our word counts. It was great.

Life then got in the way and when I went to find the group again it had disbanded. I was sad, but I continued to write here and there finishing nothing.

Along came mywriteclub.com. It has timed writing sprints that can be joined on the global level or a private level. It’s okay, but there is no social interaction. Writers earn stars and can see how much other writers have written, which is great if that’s all you want.

It’s not all I want, though. I like being part of a “team” of writers. I like pushing other people and being pushed to do more. It helps me focus and stay accountable.

After another search, I found a new Writing Sprints group on facebook. When the notices go up that someone is sprinting, I get that urge to write. My writing time hasn’t increased, but the amount I get accomplished in that time has soared. I’ve been pushing myself to put out more words in less time and I’m getting stories finished.

It’s a huge confidence boost getting things finished. And while I won’t get all 80+ projects finished this year, I’ll be farther ahead than I would have been.

2020 is going to be a constant stream of new stories published so stay tuned.

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