I Love Iron Man II

Part one is here.

I Love Iron Man 3000 (Part II) (Spoilers) by Stephanie Souder

         from Bleeding Edge

Yesterday, I happened to scroll down to read the comments on a clip from Iron Man 2, and yes, I laughed out loud. First of all, I was amused to discover that I’m not the only one watching old Iron Man clips on YouTube in the wake of Endgame. Secondly, I was tickled by the disbelief. You see, the clip in question was the birthday party scene. Yes, that one. “If you’re coming in late,” remarked one user, “yes, this is the same guy who [spoiler redacted for the intro portion].” Yeah, it really is. That’s what’s amazing!

If there’s one thing that always – always – inspires my respect, it’s when a work of fiction takes a character from point A to, essentially, point Z in a manner that is logical and in keeping with said character’s established baseline personality. That’s what Babylon 5 does with Londo and G’Kar — and that’s what the MCU does with Tony Stark.

Considering where this all started, what just happened is awe-inspiring.

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