I Love Iron Man — a look at Marvel’s star character by Stephanie Souders

Stephanie Sounders is taking a look at Marvel’s Main Man. Here we have the first of her articles:



I Love Iron Man 3000 (Spoilers)

As I tweeted a few days ago, I now have a private Tony Stark playlist on my YouTube account. I’ve always liked the character, but watching the entire MCU in the span of two weeks (give or take) has pushed some sort of magical button — a button, quite frankly, that hasn’t been pressed since the heady days of Babylon 5 and DS9. I am excited. I am obsessed. Like the 90’s sci-fi just mentioned, the MCU isn’t perfect. But as I look at it in its entirety, I can now appreciate its several phenomenal achievements — including Tony, the launch character of the whole shebang.

So here it is: my first “things I love about Tony” post. (I suspect there will be more posts of this nature because there is much for me to process.) Spoilers ahead!

The first thing I need to mention? Tony is funny. Consistently funny. There’s a reason YouTube is filled with compilations of the guy cracking wise; even as his story deepens, you can still count on Tony to break up the tension with some gallows humor. One memorable illustration of this is the “have you ever tried shawarma?” moment at the end of The Avengers. I’m about to cover a lot of deep stuff in the paragraphs below, but we should never forget that that scene defines the character too. Besides, it’s not as if the humor isn’t deep in itself. It is, in fact, Tony’s principal coping mechanism. It’s how he overcomes. Shit, I almost died! Where’s my cheeseburger?

The second thing I love about Tony is his self-awareness. He doesn’t have a perfect understanding of his own psyche, mind you, but at the very least, he knows he’s a handful, and his appreciation for people who willingly subject themselves to his mercurial personality is 100% genuine — even if he screws up trying to show it. This is the quality that makes the strawberry scene in Iron Man 2 so irrepressibly endearing. He gives Pepper the one thing in the world she’s allergic too, but his heart is absolutely in the right place: he knows he hasn’t given Pep her due and sincerely wants to make it up to her.

Which brings up the third thing I love about Tony: he has interesting relationships with other characters. Read more…