Animal Farms Influence on Nacerma

George Orwell’s classic, Animal Farm, was an influence in the making of Nacerma.

The animals get the idea that if they can get rid of the farmer (capitalism), all will be ducky.

But, it doesn’t turn out that way, because what the animals (and the socialist that they represent) don’t take into consideration a mitigating factor…sin.

Those animals who live under the altruistic values that the wise old pig espoused were taken advantage of by those who were taken over by sin.

No matter how rosy an idea one might have, someone will come along and screw it up.

I use this fact when developing life in Nacerma. As in Animal Farm, some citizen’s of Nacerma are more equal than others.

In Path of Angels, we discover the undesireables who don’t have the minimum basic needs that the Council provides citizens. These are the people who can’t or won’t pull their weight in society. Some become beggars and others criminals.

The average citizen is provided with food, clothing and housing. They are just comfortable enough that they won’t turn on the government. They pay their five years of service and then seek employment to help supplement what the government provides them. When they are no longer useful or cost the government too much, they typically kill themselves rather than face becoming one of the undesirables.

The Councilmen and those in their inner circle are the highest and most equal of all three classes. They having the power can provide themselves with whatever they want before distributing the rest to the people.

Where the average citizen has to walk, the Councilmen have cars.

The average citizen gets a limited amount of credits at the General Supply Store, the Councilmen eat at fancy restaurants and buy whatever they’d like on the country’s dime.

It’s all quite unfair, but few care because life is comfortable for them. There is a real fear that life would be worse if they complained. The undesirables as a visible example of what could happen to them if they fought the Council.

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