Nacerma, A Country Built on Fear

Recently, I went on The Scribe’s Journey to talk about my upcoming sequel to Path of Angels as well as my other writing. You can watch or just listen in here.

I went a bit into the background for this fictional country created out of conspiracy theories on the internet. I looked for all of those slippery slope arguments as well as those die hard declarations from people on the other side of the argument. Some were perfectly matched, such as one side would claim that religion is the root of all evil in society and should be abolished while the religious conspiracy nuts would make claims that religion would be outlawed. Since it’s hard for me to jump that hurdle of it happening in the US, I created a new country to make it work.

The setting for the Underground Series is Nacerma. It’s a country that grew out of the collapsed upper midwest states of the former United States of America after the Great War which started in the 2030s. New countries were formed by politically and socially like-minded people. Those who settled in Nacerma were looking for security after the world war ended. A council was formed from the six regions to administer the new country.

Dealing with a large number of displaced people who were poor, the Council devised a plan that would provide for each of it’s citizens’ basic needs. Each citizen would be provided with a place to live and enough credits to buy food and clothing. In return, each citizen would give up five years of their life in service of their country.

The few citizens who owned property happily gave it over to the Council in order to provide the security of food, clothing and shelter for everyone.

Even with the war over, there was much crime. The Council, again, came to the aid of it’s citizens by outlawing guns and later knives, bows, etc. Crime was reduced and most were happy for a time.

Soon after, the Council was clamping down on what people could say and do. Those who complained were branded traitors and imprisoned or executed.

Those who were looking for a bit of security ended up losing their freedoms.

Of course most became accustomed to the many restrictions over time.

However, anytime the people become restless, the Council steps in to rescue them from their latest fears.

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