Modiphius’ John Carter of Mars

So Modiphius Entertainment finally launched their Kickstarter for the John Carter of Mars RPG. At this point, I have to say I’m not interested. Not because I wouldn’t enjoy playing in the world. The Conan RPG from them has some nice ratings but is unranked on RPGgeek.

As someone that digs John Carter, why am I not that into this KS campaign?

Because they announced the project over 2 years ago. It, and the boardgame, and the miniatures they announced? Should already be out according to the announcements. What happened? They decided to push it back for the Star Trek RPG. It was announced at GenCon 2016, and they pushed Barsoom aside for Trek, instead of putting Trek in the queue. I’m honestly surprised they haven’t for the Fallout miniatures game. And where’s the John Carter boardgame?

So yeah, starting your production several months after your announced release date loses some of my interest and trust. What happened to the rest? Quite simple. Somebody else did a similar KS launch without prior hype.

Pinnacle Entertainment launched and ran a campaign for a game that, to my was unknown to the public beforehand. Flash Gordon is getting an RPG, and it looks like the people involved have a great love of the character and property, giving it lush art, and even getting a foreward by Sam Jones, the last actor to have the opportunity to play Flash.

From what I’ve seen, Modiphius is also run shoddily. Which can be par for the course in a niche industry, when you’re pushing product for an even smaller niche. This is not saying that Pinnacle doesn’t have it’s own issues. But they know that the fans want their stuff once it’s announced.

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