ANNOUNCEMENT: Submissions Open for Saturn Anthology!

Saturn. The most beautiful of the wandering stars, surrounded by a mysterious and remarkable series of rings, crowning the planet in glory.

Jupiter may be the king of the planets, but Saturn is the progenitor, named for the powerful and terrible Titan that fathered the gods themselves. Saturn is the lord of Time, Age, and Endings. And when everything else disperses into a heat death and the cosmos is an empty void, it is Time that will rule over all.

The frame story of Saturn will be set in John C. Wright’s City Beyond Time universe! Don’t know what that is? Read the book, it’s awesome.

Stories do not need to be set in that universe.

However, they can be.

One last thing. If you have already sent in a story, resend it. I probably have it, but can make no guarantees.

Bullet point form:

  • Word count is 500-10,000
  • Poems will be accepted
  • Reprints will be accepted
  • Simultaneous submissions will be accepted
  • Stories can be about the actual planet Saturn, time, age, and endings. The Titan Saturn may also feature, and stories may be set in the City Beyond Time universe.
  • Submissions should be in standard manuscript format, though please italicize instead of underline when appropriate. If the story is not in standard manuscript format, it may be rejected without being read. Seriously. I’m not kidding here. For that matter, ditto if the stories are under 500 words or over 10,000.
  • The subject line should look like this: SATURN SUBMISSION/Story Title/Author Last Name
  • The deadline is December 1, 2017. After that, you’re out of luck.
  • Please resend your submissions if you have already sent something in. I PROBABLY have it, but as they say, better safe than sorry!

The submission e-mail is

The editors are Anthony and Mariel Marchetta, known for their work in the critically acclaimed anthology “God, Robot” and the recently released “Tales of the Once and Future King”.

Good luck!