The Whippersnappers! A Youthful Perspective Into the Classics of SF/F

There are some stories so great, that they are passed down from generation to generation. Passed from father to son, spread from kin to friend. Stories so excellent and rich that they are shared and savored and remembered. Everyone who is a lover of stories knows them. Even the populous at large has heard of them, or knows some of the characters, settings, or plot.

Recently these works have been stories like: Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones. You can’t seem to get away from those stories and their fans even if you tried!

But then there are stories like The Lord of the Rings and Narnia. They are still well known, even though they are decades older. These stories have survived the test of generations, and they have been faithfully passed on.

I know there’s already a lot of reading for me to catch up on. I think I have yet to read any H G Well, and I have to get through all of Tolkien’s and Leiws’ works. However, with things like Appendix N, and in talking to the older folk, there seems to be even more stories I’m missing out on! Things that only a couple decades ago EVERYONE had read, but now nobody knows about.

Somehow these stories and authors have fallen through a crack in the generations. But nows it is time to bridge that gap and bring the torch of these stories to this generation, for them to be rediscovered and enjoyed once again.

I’m sure you’ve already been hearing about it. But mostly you’ve been hearing about it from these older folk who are so stunned the young ones have not read these stories. I, however, am one of the young ones, dazed and unaware, but eager to see and to discover for myself these stories that have captured so many hearts and minds. And there are more just like me.

It is the old folk’s duty to pass the torch of these stories, and it is the duty of us wippersnappers to take the torch, look at it with curiosity and scrutiny, and then jump in and see what all the old wisecrackers are going on about.

And so….. welcoming to the stage…… The Whippersnapper!

A new podcast of us youngins talking about the classics of science fiction and fantasy. It’s a youthful perspective on some timeless tales. Come – whether you’re one of the old timers who want to see what the kids are up to nowadays, or someone looking to discover the great works of our genre –  come join us, as the future looks into the past, and rediscover the most beloved works of our genre.

This Sunday, at 5pm EST. with A.M. Freeman, Anthony M, and Corey McCleery.