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Modiphius’ John Carter of Mars

January 23, 2018 Alfred Genneson 0

So Modiphius Entertainment finally launched their Kickstarter for the John Carter of Mars RPG. At this point, I have to say I’m not interested. Not because I wouldn’t enjoy playing in the world. The Conan […]

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Comic book Review: Doctor Radar

January 8, 2018 Alfred Genneson 0

This work arrive to us in translation from Titan Comics. We face no superheroes or supervillains here, but rather we have a sense of old pulp adventure set in the time just after World War […]

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Moving in winter tips

December 25, 2017 Alfred Genneson 0

For my readers who might have to move in winter. First: Don’t. I am assuming a place with real winter. As in temperatures approaching zero or lower. As in snow and ice making your trips […]