Jon Del Arroz

So…. I Wrote A Zombie Story

November 15, 2019 jdelarroz 0

I wrote a zombie story! It’s out in Dan Humphreys’ awesome collection of shorts from his hugely successful Z-Day series, and naturally I couldn’t just write a straight zombie fic being the silly artist that […]


Combat Frame Data: AZC-105A Dragonfly

November 15, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

AZC-105A Dragonfly     Technical Data Model number: AZC-105A Code name: Grand Dolph – Close Air Support Variant Nickname: Dragonfly Classification: mass production, transforming close air support combat frame Manufacturer: Zeklov-Astraea Operator: Systems Overterrestrial Coalition First deployment: CY […]


Everyone Already Home Schools

November 14, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

… so why pay the state to propagandize your kids for an additional seven hours a day? Author and educator David V. Stewart lodges this objection–among many others–to our schools’ pointless habit of assigning children […]


Strauss-Howe Revisited

November 13, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

Owing to the sizable number of new readers who probably aren’t up to speed on the updated generational theory popularized on this blog, I thought this post would make a helpful refresher. If you frequent […]


If Conservatives Fought

November 12, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

It should be no surprise that we had to wait for the perverts who run Hollywood to implode–while they kept abusing women and children the whole time–when conservative leaders have made it clear that they […]


Marching From Victory to Victory

November 11, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

The Groyper War against the shills in Conservative Inc. continues to buck the trajectory set by previous internet revolts. Like its predecessors, it started organically as a cri de coeur by frustrated youth who’ve caught […]

Jon Del Arroz

Is Publishing Just A Scam For Power?

November 11, 2019 jdelarroz 0

It’s looking increasingly so. There was a time back in the dark ages of the 1990s, when one couldn’t publish themselves easily, or get out there to any degree where people could see your work […]