President West

July 6, 2020 Brian Niemeier 0

This July 4th weekend brought a number of surprises, and the most unexpected came courtesy of rapper Kanye West: Now, I understand the temptation to dismiss Kanye’s announcement as a joke. But there is evidence […]


Low Strangeness

July 2, 2020 Brian Niemeier 0

Sometimes the most fascinating curiosities aren’t to be found in the skies above our heads, or even in the dark woods beyond our doorstep. Sometimes they’re right under our feet. A reader passed along this […]


Bring us Justice, Dear God!

July 2, 2020 Frank Luke 0

FCF: The world is so broken that only God can bring true justice. The book of Psalms, beloved by both Christians and Jews, served as the hymnbook for the Jews. Even though the whole book […]

Jon Del Arroz

Why I’m Not On Parler

July 2, 2020 jdelarroz 0

I’ve seen far too many of these instances in the last couple of years, proclaiming a great alternative to Twitter and Facebook, going to revolutionize everything. They come up too fast, they’re not ready for […]

Jon Del Arroz

Chuck Wendig — Predator Defender?

July 1, 2020 jdelarroz 0

With all the #MeToo allegations in sci-fi and comics this last week, it’s no surprise it’s come back around to everyone’s favorite Library destroyer, Chuck Wendig, famous prior to this for writing poor star wars […]