Revelation: Already but not Yet!

August 2, 2020 Frank Luke 0

On Facebook, a friend asked me my opinion on Revelation, a futurist view or preterist view. As something that long is hard to read on FB, I have posted it here. The underlying, repeated theme […]


Bring us Justice, Dear God!

July 2, 2020 Frank Luke 0

FCF: The world is so broken that only God can bring true justice. The book of Psalms, beloved by both Christians and Jews, served as the hymnbook for the Jews. Even though the whole book […]


Laments: Tears Before God

June 30, 2020 Frank Luke 0

FCF: As the world is broken, so must we be broken before Christ. We may pour our emotions out to God. Sermon Introduction: Last time, we looked at Psalm 1 to see how the entire […]



June 26, 2020 Frank Luke 0

Few stories have been as fun to write as “Crucible.” Stories that are fun to write likewise become fun to read. Seminary student Grant von Wold has found his way Beyond the Veil, a world […]


Please don’t use bad Hebrew!

March 21, 2020 Frank Luke 0

On occasion, I have seen people use the term baramin when referring to the kinds God created in Genesis 1. I do not encourage this word, as it is never used in the Bible and […]


The Godly Response

February 23, 2020 Frank Luke 0

Fallen Condition Focus: Because we are fallen, we must learn to respond correctly to insults and injury. Sermon Introduction: Revenge. Settling the score. Avenging the family honor. Avenging your besmirched honor. Every one of us […]


Appearing in Heart’s Enchantment!

February 19, 2020 Frank Luke 0

I love adventure and fantasy. When I saw the call for this anthology, my thought was “that’s perfect.” Every story needs three things: • An adventurous outer conflict • An inner conflict that adds depth […]


Great Sci-Fi for 99c or Free!

November 29, 2019 Frank Luke 0

Why should the big boys have all the fun? Some great indie writers have banded together to offer this sale. Here, you’ll find books of fantasy, science-fiction, and more all at $0.99 or less but […]