Fumes and Leftovers

January 22, 2020 Brian Niemeier 0

Evidently our little project to reclaim Generation Y from the Madison Avenue Boomer memory hole is gaining some traction in the wild. Millennials do not remember the pre-internet, pre-9/11 world. By and large, they celebrate […]


Tea Party Tactics

January 21, 2020 Brian Niemeier 0

The Virginia gun rally has come and gone. Blessedly, my fears of a potential bloodbath went unrealized. Our rulers were hoping for Charlottesville, and instead they got the Joker opening. Most commentators ascribe the event’s relative […]


The End of an Era

January 20, 2020 Brian Niemeier 0

Jason Rennie, editor-in-chief of Superversive Press, took to Facebook to share some sad news. Jason broke onto the scene as a publisher during the Sad Puppies saga when his magazine Sci Phi Journal received a Best […]


Croglin Grange

January 17, 2020 Brian Niemeier 0

Image by Jason McKittrick Back in Cromwell’s day, the Fisher family left their ancestral home in Cumberland and moved south to more spacious accommodations. Loath to sell their old farmhouse called Croglin Grange, they leased the […]


The Kill Box

January 16, 2020 Brian Niemeier 0

Everybody remembers the disastrous Charlottesville rally from back in 2017. Not everybody remembers it the same way. Ask most people, and they’ll tell you how a bunch of neo-nazi troublemakers descended on the town and […]


HBO Hates You

January 15, 2020 Brian Niemeier 0

Don’t give them money. From Black Pilled via Twitter: The New Pope is a drama television series created and directed by Paolo Sorrentino for Sky Atlantic, HBO and Canal+. It is a continuation of the […]


Like Vampires Hit with Holy Water

January 14, 2020 Brian Niemeier 0

A Tik Tok account by the name of Nurse Holly is righteously triggering Death Cultists. Their reaction will be instantly recognizable to anyone who’s familiar with the Witch Test. Courtesy of Pax Christus via Twitter: […]


Boromir Did Nothing Wrong

January 13, 2020 Brian Niemeier 0

Conservatives are fond of invoking the Ring of Power from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings as a symbol of government power. It’s easy to see the attraction that metaphor holds for them. Having raised individual […]


Silver Lining

January 10, 2020 Brian Niemeier 0

Looking at the following charts in light of salvation history, it’s hard not to see a divine hand in the West’s onrushing demographic winter. Not only are atheists already a tiny minority, their ranks overwhelmingly […]


Witches’ Most Brain Dead Argument

January 9, 2020 Brian Niemeier 0

A witch showed up in the comments over at author Alex Hellene’s blog to throw his unearned moral weight around. The host and other commenters responded accordingly. Freqnent Kairos commenter Xavier took the first swing […]