The Successful Failure

Christ Crucifixion Successful Failure

Holy Week is upon us again. It’s become something of a cliché for Christian commentators to describe the current era as the Long Lent, and Satan always doubles his attacks leading up to the anniversary of his defeat. 

The diabolical sore loser spirit is hard to miss once you’ve been clued in to it. Charlatan film makers drop cable TV documentaries claiming to debunk the Resurrection. Oldpub dumps hastily cobbled together books by pseudo-intellectuals denying Christ existed in the first place. The mainstream news outlets dutifully hype both, sometimes at the same time, despite their contradictory premises.
Recently, the spirit of sour grapes has taken up residence among certain factions of the dissident Right. You see at least one of them pop up to comment on almost every Christian-themed thread or post. The usual gripe goes that Christianity has somehow failed. The exact failure conditions, and the terms of the conflict, are left unsaid.
That’s how you can tell that these heel-nippers are projecting. For all the promise it showed five years ago, the dissident political moment achieved precisely nothing. The remnants of the wignat crowd are taking potshots at Christianity as a misguided way of coping with the world’s descent into a post-political age.
It’s worth noting that the self-appointed coroners calling the Church’s time of death all adhere to a specific spiritual profile – that being cringe atheists. These are the guys who started out as basic Libertarians whose political aspirations – in addition to smoking weed, banging hookers, and not paying taxes – included living in ethnically homogeneous neighborhoods. 
In short, they realized that the Libertarian paradise would be an ethnostate. When their dream turned out to be impossible, they took out their frustration on the Church.
Which, in an irony so twisted you know it has to be demonic, is exactly what the Death Cult wants the wignats to do.
The sharper tacks among them can even follow the chain of causality that led to Clown World, which is essentially the West’s abandonment of Christianity. Yet they’re so frozen in their pride that they can’t bear the thought of returning to the Church. They’re the stereotypical coomer that left his doting wife to have a fling with a Vegas call girl, only to wind up hungover in an ice-filled bathtub missing a kidney. Instead of looking in the mirror, they blame the wife for not being sexy enough to keep them interested.
“The Church failed to keep me from going apostate!” they whine.
And without merit.
Have Christian teachers done a dismal job when it comes to catechesis and faith formation? Yes.
Are there corrupt, cowardly members of the hierarchy who’ve scandalized the flock? Certainly.
Do nominally Christian organizations even assist the Death Cult’s plan to turn Western countries into open air prisons/shopping malls?
No doubt about it.
Yet in all intellectual honesty, sins committed by members of a Church which broadcasts the fact that it’s made up of sinners does not justify apostasy.
Truth binds in conscience. If you conclude that the Church’s teachings are true, you are morally bound to submit to her authority. The original throne and altar Right understood as much.
Proving a single Christian dogma false would suffice to invalidate the faith and release everyone from the moral obligation to be Christian. But no one even attempts this line of argument. They just complain bitterly about pedophile priests and sellout evangelicals.

Those are simply childish bad-faith arguments. Christ never promised that individual Christians would be without sin. On the contrary, He prophesied that the wheat and the tares would grow side by side until the end.
If the whining wignats understood the first thing about Christianity, they would know that declarations of the Church’s failure are patently ridiculous. The complaint’s framing gives away their false assumption that the Church exists solely to maintain their consumerist lifestyle.
Here is why the Church did not – and cannot – fail: because her Head, Jesus Christ, met the ultimate failure by all worldly standards. He was arrested, publicly disgraced, and executed. The small following He’d built was scattered.
But by definition, God is that which brings something out of nothing. The Father chose to let His Son’s earthly life come to nothing so that by His Resurrection, Christ’s claims to divinity would receive definitive proof: the ultimate success produced ex nihilo from the ultimate failure.
What a feeble grasp of history these wretches have. Christianity was brought far lower than this many times before. The Death Cult are amateurs compared to Stalin, Napoleon, and Nero. It was Pilate and Caiaphas that brought the fledgling Church to nothing. They failed to reckon with the fact that nothing is all the building material God needs to raise His temple, as He can raise sons to Abraham from stones.
Christianity is the original successful failure. The Church’s foundations are not in the earth. She is grounded in Heaven, like a mountain whose snow-white peak touches the ground from the sky.
The Church of Jesus Christ has buried political parties, armies, and empires. She will carve the Death Cult’s headstone. The question that dissident Rightists who throw stones at Christianity should ask themselves is, “What epitaph will the Church write for us?”

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