You Don’t Need Big Tech, They Need You

I’ve been very cautious with Facebook in the past as to not get suspended, as I’d noticed that about 1/5th of my crowdfund support for my comics came from links from the Facebook site according to tracking. It’s from robust posting in groups over there related to comics, more than anything.

But this campaign, I was suspended because a cancel culture mob came for me last week to report my posts. It meant I had zero Facebook traffic for my first day of my campaign.

Despite that, I had my best launch ever, making more than $6,500 in one day.

I used alternative social media – Gab, Minds, MeWe, Social Galactic to spread the word and it worked just fine.

These companies do not add value, and as they mine your data, they are taking far more from you than they’re giving. Decentralize and don’t be reliant on one platform. Once you do, they lose their power and you can only gain.

And don’t forget to back DEUS VULT – the fantastic fantasy graphic novel which has the internet buzzing.

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