So Long Uncle Rush

Rush Limbaugh

Legendary talk radio host Rush Limbaugh succumbed to lung cancer yesterday. It’s been dawning on more and more Americans that we find ourselves at the end of an era, and the death of Uncle Rush is a major sign of that historical transition.

A lot of folks in dissident circles dismiss Rush as an irrelevant civic nationalist in an age of identity politics. Some even accused him of knowingly dispensing blue pills to keep the people ignorant of their dispossession. 

Admittedly, banging the drum of presidential politics when brazen election rigging has made voting pointless comes off as quixotic at best. But we have to keep in mind that Rush was a product of his environment, and that environment was pre-Clown World America.

For a Baby Boomer who actually managed to live the American dream, Rush exhibited impressively red-pilled moments.

My personal history with Rush goes all the way back to the 90s. He’d really only been a player on the national stage for a few years when I first heard him. One of my buddies from back in the day had a paper route, and the local AM talk station would replay Rush’s show on weekend mornings. I fondly recall many a crisp post-sleepover morning riding in the back of their family’s station wagon with bound stacks of newspapers. My buddy’s dad would tune in to Rush while he drove and I folded.

Not log after, my dad and I would take up the same tradition on my own paper route. This practice continued into high school, whereupon I began listening to the EIB Network on days off and over summer break. To say that Rush influenced my political development would be an understatement. Next to the Church, I credit Rush’s show with steering me away from the degeneracy that ensnared too many of my generation.

Like all gateway drugs, Rush’s show eventually gave way to more rigorous and serious intellectual pursuits. I’d largely fallen out of the habit of listening to him by the time I earned my bachelor’s. The study of theology soon took up most of the time I’d previously invested in politics

Here on the far side of the Trump phenomenon, it’s hard for most people to remember what a shock Obama’s two terms were for conservatives. The ACA and the legalization of same-sex marriage by judicial fiat dispelled the illusion that the Right stood on an equal footing in the culture war. It’s also easy to forget how fed up rank-and-file conservatives were with the establishment GOP. Only the Tea Party kept the Republicans nationally viable.

The reign of Puppet Pal Joe is already shaping up to be Obama’s third term. He’s already swept away Trump’s legacy with the stroke of a pen. To the ruling class, the minor delay that was Trump’s unexpected presidency has passed, and they’re pulling out all the stops to make up for lost time.

Once again, the GOP is on life support, and politics in general seems like a waste of time.

Students of history know that history doesn’t actually repeat. Our rulers burned a tremendous amount of resources and good will installing their puppet. No grassroots movement capable of being co-opted by ConInc. looms on the horizon. Meanwhile, the pretender stumbles from one disaster to another as if his handlers didn’t stop to think about what they’d do with total power when they got it.

All signs to our teetering society going its natural course this time. Men like Rush were not made for such times, and his family can take solace in knowing that he didn’t live to see the worst.

Those who weather the coming storm will almost certainly see the crisis through thanks in no small part to the countercultural voice in the wilderness that was the Rush Limbaugh Show.

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