Then Everybody Sued Everybody

Texas Lawsuit

Now that Republican governors and legislatures in a majority of swing states have refused to take the easy win that the orgy of election fraud evidence and the US Constitution offered on a silver plate, Texas is stepping in to fulfill my prediction.

Courtesy of The Daily Caller:

Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a suit in the Supreme Court Tuesday against Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin over their administration of the presidential election.

“Our Country stands at an important crossroads,” the suit reads. “Either the Constitution matters and must be followed, even when some officials consider it inconvenient or out of date, or it is simply a piece of parchment on display at the National Archives. We ask the Court to choose the former.”

“A dark cloud hangs over the 2020 Presidential election.”

Paxton argues that pandemic-era changes to election procedures violated federal law and is asking the Supreme Court to block the states from voting in the Electoral College.

“These flaws cumulatively preclude knowing who legitimately won the 2020 election and threaten to cloud all future elections,” the suit alleges.

“Using the COVID-19 pandemic as a justification, government officials in the defendant states of Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, usurped their legislatures’ authority and unconstitutionally revised their state’s election statutes.”

Paxton says the states used executive orders to change the election process and hurt voting integrity by not “protecting” signature verification and witness requirements. The suit alleges the states failed to segregate ballots that would allow an “accurate analysis to determine which ballots were cast in conformity with the legislatively set rules and which were not.”
And they’re not alone.

Do Texas and the other plaintiffs have a case? I’m no lawyer, but based on the case summaries and precedents from prior SCOTUS rulings, the answer appears to be yes.




Will the case succeed? Will civil warfare be prevented by civil lawfare? The outcome rests with Republicans, who have so far proven utterly worthless at stopping their base’s disenfranchisement.
What was true in 2015 remains true now: Only the GOP can stop Donald Trump.
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