Stevie Nicks May Have Forgotten…

She was so high on coke in 1979 where she credits “the band existing” that she might not remember by that point in her career, the band had already long-since solidified itself with the best selling album of all time in Rumours, Tusk had already been recorded as Lindsey Buckingham’s creative masterpiece (which she whined about and derided), and the band from this point forward would barely function because of her whoring around and drug use.

“If I had not had that abortion, I’m pretty sure there would have been no Fleetwood Mac,” Nicks said. “There’s just no way that I could have had a child then, working as hard as we worked constantly. And there were a lot of drugs, I was doing a lot of drugs … I would have had to walk away.”

I guess she does remember the drugs. And the abortion looks like it led to Fleetwood Mac’s decline, not its success. The band would, at this point, take a “hiatus” from 1980-1982 where Stevie came in and phoned in a couple of songs on the next album, Mirage, before she’d depart again til 1987 where she flew in for one week, recorded vocals, left.

She was hardly a part of their creative process because she became so enamored in herself and so damaged from her rampant drug use, promiscuity, and eventually the most tragic part, murder of a baby, that she destroyed everything about her — including her vocals.

She had to have reconstructive nasal surgery from all the coke use, and ever since that point, went from one of the most powerful vocalists out there, to someone who sounds like a dying goat.

Don’t do drugs. Don’t murder babies. No good comes from it.

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