SFWA Blog Job -Whites Need Not Apply

SFWA posted a job offer for someone to cull through blog posts and do initial edits on Wednesday.

Much like their other initiatives as of late, it’s the color of one’s skin which is most important to them, not the content of one’s work:

BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) and other marginalized candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. This position pays a modest stipend monthly and will begin in August 2020, with a possibility of renewal in August 2021. The position will require roughly 15-20 hrs per month. 

Modest stipend usually looks like $100-$200 or so as a token payment in these situations. Isn’t it interesting that they want to prefer to use minorities for their slave-labor ?

Regardless, the Leading Hispanic Voice will be sending in an application. I’m sure there’s no California employment laws about discrimination based on race or anything like that they should worry about…

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