#PulpSpeed Ahead

Yikes, it’s been a busy couple of weeks.

So, I’ve finished writing book #10 of Saint Tommy, NYPD.

This one is called Lightbringer.

As usual, I remain my standard subtle self.

You have to be wondering at this point “book 10? Declan, isn’t book 7 still only on your publisher website? Where’s books 8 and 9?”

Hussar and Destiny–books 8 and 9– are still in the process of being made ready. Cover artists can only move so fast. And I dropped Hussar and Destiny on Silver Empire the same… day? The same week? I honestly don’t recall.

Why am I pushing so hard? Why not take a break?

Because I’m too lazy to take a break. Taking a break requires energy to stop. My sin of sloth is in my work ethic. I don’t have an off button. I work forty days a week. When I’m not physically at the keyboard, trust me, I’m at least thinking about work. The pressure in my skull builds when I’m not working. Either that, or I’ve had a three month sinus infection… or meningitis.

Hmm. That would explain my bloody noses. I haven’t started bleeding from the eyes and ears yet, so I must be doing okay.

As I write this, Lightbringer is being looked at by the last beta reader, a woman who is easily confused if I’m not crystal clear, and who reads newspapers with a set of red and blue writing implements. 

So that will soon be going to Silver Empire soon, right after the editor.

Right now, the coming stories are 

  • 8) Hussar
  • 9) Destiny
  • 10) Lightbringer
  • 11) Dark Web
  • 12) Blue Saint

As you can imagine, I’m a little tired. Exhausted. But I’m in the home stretch. I’m almost done. If I push for the next six weeks, I will be done with Saint Tommy. 

Yes, this is the finale. How will it end? If you read Hell Spawn, you should have an idea. Heh heh heh.

Why am I wrapping up Tommy? Unlike Arthur Conan-Doyle, I still like Tommy. Like him, I need to wrap up the character so I can move on to other projects that I’ve wanted to get to. In some cases, I’ve wanted to get to them for nearly a year now.

And me? Burnout? Naww. It’ll be fine.

Anyway, the next three books will be in the hands of other people at the moment– editors and artists and etc. 

Please remember to vote in the Dragon Awards. You can vote here if you have an idea of what you’re voting for.  If not, I have a ballot with some thoughts. Just remember to vote for Deus Vult in horror.

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