Twitter Steps Up Its Purge Of Right-Wing Commentators

Just when it looked like things calmed down on the Twitter front, they’ve reversed direction again.

I’ve noticed a big difference in the last month with engagement, a lack of throttling, finally getting new followers again. It’s been a new experience with shadowbans looking like they’ve been removed.

But as soon as Carpe Donktum’s video started to effectively show how fake news operates, and he was reaching a tremendous amount of people with his work. They understood this would influence the election, and so the purge began.

Once he got suspended, a whole slew of others started getting purged from the platform again. My follower count dropped consistently for days — and not from unfollows from my unpopular and correct opinions — but because they kept getting suspended.

Now, today, Metokur got the pop.

His analysis as of late has been really on point and anti-Narrative. People have been listening, and his poignant tweets were a large part of it.

All of these tech platforms are going to do all they can to influence the election on behalf of the foreign agents who control them. At what point will the DoJ actually do something?

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