The Pattern Of Ethan Van Sciver Gamma Attacks

I’m used to Ethan Van Sciver coming at me at this juncture, as it’s been more than 2 1/2 years of it.

Last night started with yet another passive aggressive hit, Ethan lamenting that folk like myself, Vox Day, Timothy Lim, and Brett R. Smith want to fight the culture war by making culture — while he, nobly just wants to make meaningless comics with no theme nor purpose:

Perhaps everyone in Ethan’s circles are “a little kooky” and “lovable eccentrics”, which is just code for another form of mentally ill, but not the people I hang out with.

It’s telling Ethan states he doesn’t want to fight the leftist mainstream, as the entire point of this movement was indeed to fight the leftist SJW mainstream who blacklists anyone who doesn’t suck on the toes of BLM protestors and have all 98 gender pronouns memorized at this juncture.

That’s always been his M.O. His thought process is “if I just attack the right people and show I make X on my campaigns, they will come begging to take me back into the industry!”

It’s a common gamma male trait, desiring approval of those who hate him more than anything, and believing he’s secretly so talented they wouldn’t be able to keep away from him.

It’s also why his movement blows up every two weeks and halves itself on repeat — he just can’t help lashing out at everyone around him when anything that remotely makes him look bad goes on.

Which is what occurred yesterday, and why I mention the patterns. Ethan tends to attack whenever I come out with a book and it sells well on Amazon (like my getting a #1 bestseller in The Cosmic Warrior) and when I finish a crowdfund and deliver well ahead of schedule, while he keeps floundering with his projects which never seem to deliver.

Oddly, during the interchange, Ethan himself admits he buys and reads ALL of my comics — as he’s looking for the reason why my books keep being such a success despite his continued attempts to destroy me. It’s pretty simple, my books have theme, purpose, and are a real difference from the leftist mainstream culture, because that’s what real comic readers want and crave. They’ve been devoid of any substance for decades, and I deliever.

In his mind, it makes him look bad by his inability to produce at a level I can, and so he lashes out as he did last evening.

But now that I don’t even get upset about it, having no interest in appealing to this kind of behavior, nor worrying about what he thinks on anything, he gets himself riled up for attacking me, and then can’t even handle it:

I hope this means he’ll leave my name out his mouth from this point forward, but given this is the third time he’s blocked me, I somehow doubt it.

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