Scalzi Sees The Writing On The Wall

John Scalzi announced he would be off social media and his blog until July.


Several of his friends — who he now redubs “people I once considered friends”–got hit by the latest round of #MeToo circling through comics and sci-fi authors.

There’s blood in the water, and any male feminist author is now right in the middle of this storm, about ready to get hit with their own accusations. Scalzi is making an act like he’s too depressed by “people he’s called his friends” getting popped by this, but pulling back is really an effort just to get out of dodge while these fires are burning strong.

After all, he can’t care too much about these situations if the people who are hit by them are suddenly no longer friends because it would be unpopular for him to stand by them.

This is the kind of lack of loyalty SJWs always display. If they see sharks circling, you will get thrown under the bus, you’ll no longer be a friend, because the only thing that matters is social credits to these people. They could care less about the situations, accusations, authenticity of the accusations, to them, you’re just another blood sacrifice to their false god.

Never try to appeal to them, never consider yourself a friend to SJWs, and most of all, never apologize when you’re under their fire.

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