Martyrdom Is Coming

The next time some Fox News viewer tries to tell you that the current chaos is a result of conflicting 19th century economic theories, show him this video:

Republican candidate for local office and professed Catholic Conor Martin documented the attack on Twitter.

Yesterday, while praying for peace and unity in our city and the protection of the Saint Louis statue, Black Lives Matter protesters started to harass, berate, and assault the Catholics that were peacefully praying. We did nothing in retaliation 

We allowed them to spit on us, call us names, put their fingers in our faces, push us, and antagonize, but we did not retaliate. We continued to peacefully pray. 

At that moment someone in the crowd poured an unidentified liquid on the older man, pictured below protecting his head, and was then attacked by a violent individual, also pictured below attacking the elderly man.

We got the elderly man out of there, and I was about to leave to retrieve my lunch as a friend of mine had just come over to tell me my food had arrived. The mob then approached him. They asked if he was with me, and when he said yes they began to berate him. 

They took his walking stick from him and when he didn’t react they knocked his hat off of his head, called him a skin head, and attacked him. At this point I intervened to pull the attacker off of my friend, and I was attacked by the mob and the attacker. 

Yet another reminder that the Death Cult’s primary enmity is reserved for Jesus Christ and His Church. Christians are now in direct competition with a hostile, diabolical religion on a campaign to supplant Christianity as the moral and spiritual foundation of the West.

I will be pressing charges against the attackers. If you can identify anyone in these videos or pictures, please let me know. This can not stand. The police were called 6 times by others on the sidelines and never showed up.

The Death Cult is coming for you, but the state is not coming to help you. Look for the authorities to aid and abet the Cult–if only by omission–a majority of the time.

Just some theological spitballing here, but it could be that so many people are frozen in grave sin that God is calling on certain individuals among His flock to serve as victim souls. The Cross atoned for sin once and for all, but America has clearly and repeatedly turned its back on Christ. Some Americans may be called to take up their own crosses and share in Our Lord’s sufferings to convert the ingrates who pierce His heart daily.

Whatever the case, all signs point to a new age of martyrdom befalling the US. Remember that giving one’s life for the faith is a matter of divine election that is not to be rashly sought out. Make sure you and your family have lawful means of defense, pray always, and avail yourselves of the sacraments while they are readily available.

Living humbly for the truth is just as heroic as dying nobly for it. Learn how to peacefully fight the Death Cult and have fun while you’re at it with my best selling book.

Don't Give Money to People Who Hate You - Brian Niemeier

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