Laments: Tears Before God

June 30, 2020 Frank Luke 0

FCF: As the world is broken, so must we be broken before Christ. We may pour our emotions out to God. Sermon Introduction: Last time, we looked at Psalm 1 to see how the entire […]


Another Definition of Civilization

June 30, 2020 Brian Niemeier 0

You’ve heard civilization defined as old men planting trees in whose shade they’ll never recline. I submit another definition: Chances are you’ve come across that quote somewhere. it’s attributed to George Mallory, the legendary English […]

Jon Del Arroz

Silver Surfer Omnibus Review

June 30, 2020 jdelarroz 0

Support Jon Patreon Newsletter Independent journalism isn’t easy and I can use all of the help I can get. Please consider supporting me through Patreon or joining my newsletter. Check Out My Books If you […]

Jon Del Arroz

Scalzi Sees The Writing On The Wall

June 29, 2020 jdelarroz 0

John Scalzi announced he would be off social media and his blog until July. Why? Several of his friends — who he now redubs “people I once considered friends”–got hit by the latest round of […]


Martyrdom Is Coming

June 29, 2020 Brian Niemeier 0

The next time some Fox News viewer tries to tell you that the current chaos is a result of conflicting 19th century economic theories, show him this video: Republican candidate for local office and professed […]


Review: Mel Todd’s “My Luck”

June 29, 2020 Declan Finn 0

For a while now, I’ve been reviewing Mel Todd’s SF series, the Kaylid Chronicles. Before I wrapped up that series, Mel asked if I would be interested in reading her next series, an Urban Fantasy […]