What Our Culture Lost After the 1940s-1950s

I’ve been reading a lot of golden age comics lately, and much like the sci-fi of the period, I find it far more refreshing to read than anything after this point.

I think with the 1960s, we started to see an exit of Christian and “normal” creators from all of these fields, and an entrance of drug-addled mentally disturbed and self proclaimed “freaks” (remember the classic CSN lyrics about “letting my freak flag fly”? They’re proudly deranged) taking over.

Once the culture had been subverted by this group, with a big push from the American Communist Party, who stated it was one of their goals to transform American cultural art from what it was into meaningless garbage, it entered into this downward spiral of generations copying the garbage that came before, with very little creativity left.

The concepts of the 40s and 50s were oft simpler than later cultural works aimed at “mature” audiences with immature ideas, and always a lot more wholesome.

It seems like from the 80s forward, concepts had to be crazier and more subversive than the last in order to get published and get praised from academia or the media. It had to be darker, grittier, angrier, with no hope for society.

Contrast such stories to Carl Barks’ Donald Duck work from 1947, the pinnacle of culture, books that were selling in the millions and creating a craze for classic Disney. The ducks as characters were simple concepts with basic human elements. Huey, Dewey, and Louie often just wanted to go outside and play baseball in the yard — and Donald would go crazy because they’d hit a ball through a window and make noise. These are very relatable stories for families because these are SIMPLE concepts extrapolated with some humor to an absurd effect.

These days, the publishing industry would want Huey to get hooked on heroin, hit rock bottom, and become a transgendered prostitute to show how “brave” of a duck xer is. Before you think that’s crazy and they’d never do that with a kid’s character… just look at any Marvel comic.

The innocence and simplicity has been replaced by degeneracy and evil at every turn. We have to get back to simplicity, because there is beauty in it. And the easiest simplicity is simply telling the truth through storytelling.

This is what I’ve done with The Cosmic Warrior, and why it’s already resonating so well with readers. I hope folk will follow my lead and usher in a new era of positive culture. Join us!

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