Death Cult Lexicon

One surprising insight uncovered by yesterday’s post on the T-Witch is that some among the counterculture still mistake the Death Cult’s ritual cant for normal, if jargon-riddled, English.

A vital aspect of Cult behavior that normal folks must always keep in mind is that all of a Witch’s faculties are wholly given over to serving the Cult. That includes the gift of speech, which the Cult perverts from its original purpose of worshiping God to demoralizing and manipulating His children.

Twitch released a statement on the Doe-Man business that many took for an ordinary corporate communication. In reality, it’s an encyclical issued by their cultic high priest to encourage the faithful and dismay the infidel.

Here’s a sample.

Twitch Encyclical

And here’s the English translation for the benefit of folks who are new to this.

Twitch Encyclical 2


Trust & Safety = Death Cult compliance office.

Discussion = Satanic sermon.

Community = Cult congregation.

Healthy = Sickly, brainwashed, and spiritually dead.

Also remember not to pay people who hate you.

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