Sausage Roll Indeed

April 30, 2020 Brian Niemeier 0

The gamer scene has been in an uproar over a story that broke over the weekend concerning The Last of Us II. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s the sequel to a game that gained […]


Witch Hunter Franssen

April 29, 2020 Brian Niemeier 0

It’s heartening to see awareness of Deat Cult witchery spreading–if not into the mainstream, then into the larger counterculture. That’s what made Steve Franssen’s dissection of Vice’s puff piece on a Millennial web cult so […]


An Awakened Presence

April 28, 2020 Brian Niemeier 0

Emboldened by the tales of high strangeness posted on this blog, a reader shares a remarkable personal experience. I had a different kind of chill and encounter about a year ago.  We took a long-planned […]


Danger With Opportunity

April 27, 2020 Brian Niemeier 0

One danger that dissenters from Death Cult dogma should regularly remind ourselves of is that the Cult is now the mainstream, so most folks don’t share our views on pop culture. Keeping tabs on reactions […]


One Foot in the Grave

April 24, 2020 Brian Niemeier 0

… and the other on a banana peel is an accurate description of the current state of oldpub. Author Kristine Kathryn Rusch plumbs the exact depth of the hole. There’s a shortage of paper, because […]