Dynamite Day 2

It’s New Comic Book Day, which is the best time to back a new crowdfund book like Dynamite Thor.

We are nearly halfway there and definitely need to get over that mark here on Day 2. Check out the book on Kickstarter and back to keep this movement of great comics going.

This character is pure love for the creative team, as both I and Donald Kent have a deep fascination with our culture’s past, especially these pulp magazines that have gone forgotten to history. There is so much silly goodness in them you won’t find in books tioday:

What a gem! haha

But I’ve also retooled Dynamite Thor into a really cool modern character. There’s a beautiful personal plot developing, you get the sense of history, and the overall build into my superhero universe.

We’re following in the tradition of what Stan Lee did with Captain America or The Human Torch by reviving those characters when new superheoes were something unheard of.

Come join the fun and build comics for what they’re supposed to be! We the brest comics!

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