My Hero Academia Anime Targeted By SJW Cancel Culture!

For those not in the know, My Hero Academia is one of the most celebrated properties of the last few years. It features a boy being trained by a STRONG MALE LEAD in All-Might, working ot become the world’s greatest hero.

Naturally that by itself is triggering to the nutty SJW crowd, but it’s gone crazier lately as SJWs are reaching hard to look for reasons to attack this beautiful story.

One of the characters is named “Maruta Shiga” – a doctor who experiments on humans.

They tied Maruta (which translates to English as “log”) to a program the Japanese used in WW2 in wihch the Japanese used to refer to their human test subjects.

So he literally used someone who is experimenting on humans, and used the historical reference of experimenting on humans, something which makes sense and is a good storytelling parallel.

But SJWs can’t handle history existing, or anyone remembering it. They want to erase everything and pretend humanity is this safe space sterilized group.

Unfortunately, the My Hero Academia creator issued an apology.

As we know, when apologies happen, they go for BLOOD. Now they’re combing through birthdays of characters as written in the books and trying to tie coincidences of them to birthdays of bad people in history and call the author a fascist.

They never stop. Don’t apologize. Keep doing what you’re doing. NEVER CENSOR YOURSELF.

I haven’t. I continue to make the best fiction out there and get blacklisted by the mainstream industry for it — but people are loving the books. Justified: Saga of the Nano Templar would trigger these snowflakes so badly that they would break down and cry. Can you handle it? Read here. 

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